Adult Behaviors

One billion adults worldwide smoke cigarettes. Reports and data sources on this page provide information on prevalence rates, smoking trends, and social norms related to tobacco use for adults.

Key Health Data by State

Trust for America's Health - Preventing Epidemics. Protecting People TFAH iconThis interactive map from the Trust for America’s Health Organization displays key health data by state, such as tobacco use and current smokers.

Tobacco and Adult Minorities

Tobacco and Adult MinoritiesThe Center for Social Gerontology provides information, fact sheets, and articles about tobacco use and its effects on old and young adults from communities of color in the United States.

National Health Interview Survey

National Health Interview SurveyThis CDC survey collects data on current smoking trends among adults (ages 18+) in the United States. The 2012 Summary Health Statistics Report includes information on distribution of current smokers, broken down by various demographic characteristics such as age, race, income, and health insurance status. Early release statistics for 2014 are available here.

Male Cigarette Use Globally

Tobacco AtlasThe Tobacco Atlas provides an interactive map that shows the percent of males who smoke cigarettes by country.

State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System

The STATE System, developed by the CDC Office of Smoking and Health, is an interactive application that houses and displays current and historical state-level data on tobacco. Trend data, interactive maps, and state comparisons are available for topics such as legislation for indoor smoke-free policies, vending machines, smoke-free school campuses, and advertising restrictions.

Global Health Observatory (GHO)

K_WHOThe Tobacco theme page of the Global Health Observatory (GHO) features data from the MPOWER measures in the WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic 2011. MPOWER assists countries to implement effective strategies for selected demand reduction related articles of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

STEPwise Approach to Surveillance (STEPS)

STEPSThe WHO STEPwise Approach to Surveillance (STEPS) is a simple, standardized method for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data in WHO member countries. The Adult Risk Factor Surveillance Country Reports include data on smoking within each country.

National Adult Tobacco Survey (NATS)

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention iconThe National Adult Tobacco Survey (NATS) was created to assess the prevalence of tobacco use, as well as the factors promoting and impeding tobacco use among adults. NATS also establishes a comprehensive framework for evaluating both the national and state-specific tobacco control programs. The NATS questionnaire is built around the Office of Smoking and Health’s Key Outcome Indicators (KOI) from each of the following four goal areas: preventing initiation of tobacco use among young people, eliminating nonsmokers’ exposure to secondhand smoke, promoting quitting among adults and young people, and identifying and eliminating tobacco-related disparities.