Illicit Cigarettes

Tobacco smuggling and illicit trade not only undermines the effectiveness of tobacco control policies like taxes, youth access laws, and packaging requirements, but it results in large losses of revenue for governments. This page links to resources regarding illicit trade around the world, the effects, and how to stop it.

FCTC Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products

Framework Convention on Tobacco Control WHO FCTC icon logo The new treaty aims at eliminating all forms of illicit trade in tobacco products by requiring Parties to the Protocol to take measures to control the supply chain of tobacco products effectively and to cooperate internationally on a wide range of matters. The provisions include: licensing for manufacturing, due diligence, tracking and tracing, record-keeping, security and preventive measures, sale by Internet, telecommunication or any other evolving technology, free zones and international transit, and duty free sales.

Reducing Tobacco Smuggling and Tax Evasion

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids CTFKThe Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has compiled numerous fact sheets discussing smuggling and tax evasion in the tobacco industry. Topics include the Federal Smuggled Tobacco Prevention Act, gray vs. black markets, and proposed measures to reduce smuggling and illicit trade.