You're the Target (2014)

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids CTFKThis report issued by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and other international public health organizations exposes how Philip Morris International’s (PMI) ‘Be Marlboro’ marketing campaign uses themes and images that appeal to youth across the globe. The campaign has expanded to more than 50 countries despite being banned by a German court for targeting teens and generating similar complaints in other countries.

The Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes in the UK

Cancer Research UK United Kingdom iconThis 2013 Cancer Research UK report studies the current and likely future trends of e-cigarette marketing in the United Kingdom including an audit of all forms of e-cigarette marketing, as well as the related public relations and editorial comment in tobacco industry and retail trade press. Traditional and digital / social networking outlets were included along with in-depth interviews with marketing experts.

How Do You Sell Death?

American Cancer Society This publication, developed by the American Cancer Society, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and the Framework Convention Alliance, highlights the manipulative marketing tactics of the tobacco industry.

Artifacts of the Epidemic: The Trinkets and Trash Collection

Tobacco Control Network Trinkets and Trash acts as a surveillance system that monitors, collects, and documents tobacco products and current tobacco industry marketing tactics, such as: direct mail, bar/party promotions, magazine advertisements, in-store promotions, and new product development.

Tobacco Documents Bibliography - Marketing & Advertising

UCSF-Library Frequently updated comprehensive bibliography of publications and resources that utilize and analyze tobacco industry documents from 1994 to present. This section of the bibliography is specifically devoted to marketing and advertising.cally devoted to marketing and advertising.

Tobacco Commons

Tobacco Commons is a place where recent tobacco marketing blurbs, pictures and observations made by common people on the internet are collected. Most of the images and quotations are taken from blogs and personal websites.Tobacco Control Network

Smoke Free Movies

stanton glantz smoke free movies website This website is a project of tobacco control expert, Stanton A. Glatz, PhD. It provides information on smoking in movies as a form of marketing for Big Tobacco and the effects on youth smoking.

Tobacco Marketing

Tobacco Atlas 4 cover icon TA4This Tobacco Atlas chapter discusses tobacco industry expenditures and marketing tactics including infographics on advertising in low income countries and advertising expenditure categories.

Tobacco Industry Activities & Marketing Fact Sheets

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids CTFK The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has compiled numerous fact sheets about tobacco industry activities. Topics include marketing practices to youth and special populations, racketeering, and other tobacco industry bad acts.

Edward Bernays: Torches of Freedom

Edward Bernays Torches Edward Bernays worked as a publicist for the American Tobacco Company and lead the movement of marketing cigarettes to women as “torches of freedom”.