Undue Influence

End Tobacco Industry Corporate Giving

Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance Tobacco Control Resource CenterTobacco companies are increasingly resorting to corporate social responsibility activities to continue their promotion to buy goodwill and credibility to earn political mileage. This SEATCA article speaks on prohibiting corporate social responsibility in Southeast Asia and denormalizing the tobacco industry.

Corporate Social Irresponsibility

Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance Tobacco Control Resource CenterThis Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) article discusses how the tobacco industry uses corporate social responsibility discourse to disguise many of their truly irresponsible practices.

Undue Influence

Tobacco Atlas The Tobacco Atlas explains how tobacco companies spend millions of dollars each year influencing public policy and legislation.

Tobacco Company Political Influence and Lobbying

Open Secrets Open Secrets reports the total contributions to federal candidates and political committees from the tobacco industry, which includes makers of cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco, as well as their trade groups.

Tobacco Documents Bibliography - Politics and Policy

UCSF-Library Frequently updated comprehensive bibliography of publications and resources that utilize and analyze tobacco industry documents from 1994 to present. This section of the bibliography is specifically devoted to politics and policy.

Big Tobacco Wins Tax Battles

follow the moneyThe National Institute on Money in State Politics analyzes the political campaign contributions of Big Tobacco in the 2012 election cycle. The industry gave nearly $54 million overall, with 87 percent coming from just four tobacco manufacturers: Philip Morris USA, Reynolds American Inc., U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, and Altria. Of that $54 million, tobacco interests gave more than $47 million to help defeat ballot measures that would have raised taxes on tobacco products, and contributed $3.5 million to state-level candidates and $3 million to party committees, with 76 percent going to Republican candidates and committees.

Tobacco Industry Activities & Marketing Fact Sheets

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids CTFK The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has compiled numerous fact sheets about tobacco industry activities. Topics include marketing practices to youth and special populations, racketeering, and other tobacco industry bad acts.

Frank Statement to Smokers

University of California San Francisco UCSF Library icon The Frank Statement was a historic ad run by the major American tobacco companies in 1954 that marked the beginning of a long legacy of misinformation about the health effects of smoking.