Tobacco Control Network TobaccoWiki is an online resource where anyone can contribute. The purpose of Tobaccowiki is to make it easier to find information about tobacco industry behavior, and to reveal what has been learned about the industry through its documents.

Tobacco Documents Online

Tobacco Documents As part of the Master Settlement Agreement between the States and the tobacco companies, the industry was required to make the documents used during the trials available. Tobacco Documents Online standardized the document descriptions to allow uniform searching.

Tobacco Document and Advertising Collection

Roswell Park Cancer Institute Roswell Park has acquired and scanned the document collections of the Tobacco Institute and Council for Tobacco Research and houses the Pollay tobacco ad collection, Phillip Morris ad collection, tobacco videos, and a youth marketing collection.

UCSF Legacy Tobacco Documents Library

Legacy Fact Sheet The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library contains more than 13 million tobacco industry documents related to the advertising, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and scientific research activities of various tobacco companies.

The Cigarette Papers Online

The Cigarette Papers Quoting extensively from 4,000 pages of tobacco industry documents and analyzing what they reveal, The Cigarette Papers show what the tobacco companies have known and galvanizes readers to take action.