Plain Packaging

Plain Packaging

Physicans for a Smoke Free Canada Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada provides researchers and policy makers useful information about the history, research and policy content associated with plain packaging of tobacco products.

Australia Plain Packaging

Australia Plain PackagingLink to Australia’s Plain Packaging of Tobacco Products consultation paper, the 2011 Plain Packaging Bill, and other resources and information provided by the Australian government.

Cigarette Plain Packaging

Plain Packaging The Tobacco Labeling Resource Center provides information on global plain packaging research, reports, and regulations. The website also provides a toolkit to serve as a guide in implementing FCTC Article 11.

Australia Plain Packaging of Tobacco Products

AustraliaComlawBanner In April 2010, the Australian government announced that it would introduce legislation to mandate plain packaging of tobacco products from 1 January 2012 with full implementation by 1 December 2012. This measure forms part of a comprehensive suite of reforms the Australian government is implementing to reduce smoking and its harmful effects.

Tobacco Plain Packaging Act of 2011